Here are our answers to some of your Common Core writing questions:

1.  How is argument writing different from persuasive or opinion writing? 
CCSS focuses on argument writing.  We delineate between these types of writing and provide application and practice for participants to actually write arguments.
2.  How do we begin creating a scope and sequence for informative writing?
We have looked at the CCSS for Writing K-12 and will help schools create a program that begins building a firm foundation of writing from kindergarten on up, in order to meet the writing demands of the Common Core.
3.  My students simply copy/paste from the Internet when it comes to research.  How can this be avoided?
Teach note-taking strategies and model how to use these notes to create authentic writing.  We help teachers learn to avoid this all-to-common pitfall of research writing in the 21st Century.
4.  What are the key elements for creating powerful narrative?
Focus on “show don’t tell” and use mentor texts so that students develop a sense of story and what makes for a powerful narrative.
5.  How do I know what to teach and when?  Is there a script to follow?
Good writing instruction means using students’ authentic writing as formative assessment and then using this to create classroom instructional plans.  We model this for teachers and have them practice it during training so that they can implement it successfully in their own classrooms.
6.  How can I implement a writing workshop in my own classroom?
Model the entire writing process and a writing workshop.  During our training sessions, we provide participants with the writing process experience to take back to their own classrooms.


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