CCWA-SWIRL-SOLO-CLEAR-BKGRNDThe best writing teachers are writers themselves.  Our writing training and support always builds teachers’ writing skills and confidence in writing instruction.  In order to teach writing best practices in the classroom, teachers must experience those best practices firsthand.  With this experience, teachers can plan to implement those best practices.

We offer an array of evidence-based practices that assist teachers with immediate implementation of the Common Core Writing Standards.  Our writing instruction training is based on the tenets set forth by the National Writing Project and the standards set forth by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), the International Reading Association (IRA), and Learning Forward, formerly National Staff Development Council (NSDC).  We know how to use research based best practices to get results from writing instruction.




We know writing assessment.  Our consultants have expertise with both the PARCC and SBAC assessments.   We show schools how to prepare for PARCC and SBAC and how to embed that preparation in their instruction.  We help school leaders develop writing assessment plans that include progress monitoring, and benchmarking embedded within instruction.  We facilitate school-wide scoring and data analysis to identify needed student interventions or additional adult learning.  Our goal is to make writing assessments efficient and practical.


Support for Bureau of Indian Education

Our consultants have completed extensive work with the BIE Reads, Math Counts, Systems of Support, School Improvement Grant, and Striving Readers initiatives. We have expertise in all BIE-approved scientifically-based reading and math core and intervention programs. We also provide assistance with documentation for continued funding and sustainability.

Literacy Professional Development

Common Core Writing Academy can design a custom professional development program to help your teachers strengthen their writing instruction.  We have extensive expertise with ELL strategies (both for ELL students and teachers) and we embed these strategies into all of our work.  Our consultants will help prepare teachers to focus students on writing across the curriculum, using narrative, informative, technical, and argumentative writing styles in content areas.

Expertise in Common Core State Standards

We can help you design and facilitate a school-wide or district-wide writing plan that integrates the CCSS within content areas.  This approach ensures  deep understanding and use of the Common Core Writing Standards.  Our team can assist leadership teams and principals with the transition from teaching content to teaching process combined with content.

Needs Analysis and Support Planning

Make the most of your talent.  Let our professionals assist your schools by working with leadership and professional learning community teams to build capacity for school improvement. We show how to conduct deep analysis of writing assessment data. We will facilitate professional development activities for all stakeholders through organizational analysis and system-wide planning.

Proprietary Tools for Success

We are deeply knowlegeable about writing research and evidence-based best practices. We help you implement the best practices in your classroom to meet all of your students’ learning needs. Our tools help you streamline your work.


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